Why Make a Donation?

Because you are sick and tired of the noise that is adversely affecting your life and you want to do something about it. Noise pollution is a public health problem affecting millions of people. Noise pollution blights communities and ruins the environment.

How Much Should You Donate?

That depends entirely on you.

You may want to consider the unique value of our work and what we are dealing with. The industries that cause adverse noise pollution spend millions of dollars a year lobbying officials on legislation that favors their interests.

Even so, we empower ordinary people with the tools and resources they need to confront noise pollution issues in their lives and community. There is strength in numbers and there is power in each of us.

What Your Donations Buy

  1. Education
    The materials on the site comprise a working toolkit for people to understand and learn how to reduce noise pollution. People use these materials to lobby for stronger noise codes and enforcement in their community. We also provide learning materials for use by educators and students.
  2. Support
    We provide a means for people to get advice and strategies to deal with specific noise problems. Some become activists in their own community.
  3. Advocacy
    We raise public awareness on noise pollution issues. We respond to media inquiries on noise pollution issues.
  4. Political Lobbying
    We testify in public hearings and work with officials on stronger noise legislation and enforcement.
  5. Advertising
    We promote the website that visitors can find us on the internet. We participate in various public events and provide leaflets.
  6. Materials
    Office supplies such as letterhead, envelopes, business cards, printer toner, computer and electronic equipment. Operating fees for the website, long distance calls and occasional travel expenses.
  7. Organization
    Our goal is to create a non-profit organization and bring the issue of noise pollution to a more prominent level.

A Personal Note

People should not have to be held captive to those who think nothing to pollute their lives with noise. There has been too much abuse going on for too long and the insanity affecting all our lives must stop.

Reducing noise pollution is less about money and more about taking action, but the reality is that funds go a long way to effectively increase public awareness of noise pollution as a public health issue.

Our group is not orchestrated nor influenced by traditional power structures, such as a corporation or a government agency. Our funding and resources come from individual donors. We can take small contributions and do big things with it, because we make every dollar count. We have no wasteful overhead and fancy offices.

When you make a donation, you are making an investment in the peace of your life, your home and community. I thank you for your support and I really do appreciate it.

Richard Tur