About Us


NoiseOFF is a free online resource for citizens, elected representatives, law enforcement professionals, educators, researchers, students and activists from the United States and abroad. The website comprises a working toolkit that people can use to reduce noise pollution in their lives and communities.

The site is designed with a minimal layout that will display well on any internet connected device (such as tablets and mobile phones).

Our funding and resources come from individual donors. We are not orchestrated or influenced by traditional power structures, such as a corporation or a government agency.

Richard Tur founded NoiseOFF in 2004.


In 1972, the U.S. Congress enacted the Noise Control Act. It declared that the policy of the United States is to promote an environment for all Americans to be free from noise that jeopardizes their health or welfare. The Office of Noise Abatement and Control (ONAC) was created within the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to oversee the impact of noise on the general public. In 1982, funding to ONAC was virtually eliminated, depriving citizens of federal protection against noise and its deleterious effects.

In 2004, message boards and e-mail mailing lists enabled people from across the country independently research the issue and share information. In different parts of the country, in big cities, suburbs and small towns, people were experiencing similar noise problems. NoiseOFF was created as a means to present the issue of noise pollution to third parties and provide advocacy those adversely affected by noise pollution.

The most common sources of noise pollution come from boom cars, car alarms and vehicles with aftermarket exhaust systems. People also experience noise pollution from barking dogs, leafblowers, engine brakes, building construction, outdoor shooting ranges, military bases, nightclubs, cafes, bars, airports, low-frequency emergency sirens, public transportation systems, nearby commercial and industrial businesses.