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Noise Problems

NoiseOFF is designed as a working toolkit for people to learn and take action in resolving their noise problems. The following sections answer the most common questions about noise:

If you are experiencing a noise problem, the NoiseOFF Message Board is an active online community where you can connect with others and share strategies. We invite you to join the discussion.

For other inquires, such as technical problems with the site, you can reach us at:

Media Relations

NoiseOFF has been cited in several publications and websites: Wall Street Journal, Forbes, New Scientist Magazine, The Guardian (UK), Playboy Magazine, Gotham Gazette,, MSNBC,, BBC, Parade Magazine,, and the New York Times.

Our members have been interviewed on NPR, talk radio shows and on-camera television news reports from across the country. Newspaper editors from across the country often contact us for expert information on stories relating to noise and legislation.

We can answer questions and provide commentary on various noise pollution issues nationally and regionally.

If you are working under a deadline, please let us know.

Public Speaking

If you represent a civic organization, government agency, college or university and would like to host a presentation or panel discussion on noise pollution, we can provide representation on the issue.

Our presentations can include a slide lecture, handouts and answering audience questions. Please provide as much detail about your planned event.