Thu Feb 06, 2014 5:50 am
Hello I have not posted in a long time, having fled FL. from the scourge of the Heavy Bass to New Mexico only to be plagued there as well, after my son being born in ABQ. and the hospital parking lot was plagued by these creeps, he would kick inside his mommy every time one of these monsters drove by, then we moved to Santa Fe only to find the ground pounders there as well, now living In Corvallis OR. a college town and what is most likely what Norman OK is like from what we have read, it's a nightmare here up and down the state especially in Salem the state capital where they refuse to do anything about the bass thugs. Which brings me to the heart of my post, hats off to Pinnellas County for starting Operation Lower The Boom, its a program that will empower citizens to report boom car offender here is the page if you want to see it., and the second part of the post "Micheal Dunn Murder Trial", perhaps if this kind of program were in affect in Duval county where Michael Dunn, a middle age white man, in case you haven't heard is on Trial for shooting and killing a black youth in a parking lot convenience store over "Heavy Bass" (as you can see, it's all over the news, and more than likely, the whole world is watching! He was assaulted by the "loud music" or as it now is being told in his trial "Heavy Bass" there is no reasonable doubt in my mind or my wife's that this man is a Heavy Bass Victim see Kaufmans' article Heavy Bass Victims, unfortunately we are not on his jury. and he just lost it, went insane and did what many heavy bass victims only fantasize doing, like shooting them or launching an RPG or EMP, whatever means of self defense and retaliation that one can think of. His plea is "Not Guilty" he is not invoking "Stand Your Ground" as FL law protects a person who is legally armed and has reasonable reason to believe they are in harms way, or someone with them is and in that case can shoot to defend themselves. He had reason to believe a shotgun was in the car as one of the youth referred to and they spoke of killing him, that would come as no surprise since FL is riddled with shotgun toting youth riding around, FL has many youth in gangs, so it would come as no surprise, the media and the boys mother wants "justice" and I don't believe he will get a fair trial unless his verdict will be similar to the Trayvon Martin case another high visibility trial that was in FL involving a youth being shot to death.

His plea IMHO opinion should be by reason of insanity as anyone who has been consistently bombarded by the Heavy Bass can attest it can make you crazy and in FL it's rampant so I would venture to guess this wasn't his first encounter with the Bass Heads, term for those addicted to Heavy Bass, they call themselves that, it's akin to a "Crack Head" as the digitally enhanced bass is addictive, see Feeling The Music Can Be Dangerous To Your Health. I know I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but this is time sensitive, we as fellow victims and citizens need to rally to this man's side and not only support him, but use this very tragic event to raise awareness all across America and around the, that if drastic measures are not taken to combat the proliferation of Heavy Bass and the assault on the senses it is responsible for, that more tragic events like this one will most certainly follow. My question to the grieving boys mother, what about the elderly woman who was nearly ran over at a Jacksonville FL. convenience store some years ago, after she complained to the thug inside the convenience store, and when she exited the thug attempted to run her over and she was badly hurt, later he was apprehended and it was learned he had just been released from prison, what about her and the many others who have suffered mercilessly What about the FL. Port St Lucy Police bike officer that the thug tried to run over when told to turn it down? Or the FL, deputy, and state trooper they tried to run over?

Her son chose to be in that car thumping and loitering in that parking lot as is the scene all over America every day, no one put a gun to his head and forced him! He must have known it was going to "annoy" someone. Enough is enough, it's time to take a stand, I urge all who feel the same way to wake people up to the fact that is not going to be tolerated any longer and can't continue, we can't put this evil genie back in the the bottle but we can do our best to make it suffer as we have. I don't want my son to be raised in this thug culture and be exposed or bombarded to this garbage endlessly Let's unite and spearhead a massive media campaign utilizing social media like Facebook Twitter, etc, let's bombard the major media forums with facts and figures and make people understand what it's like to suffer mercilessly day in and day out, we all have been there and prayed it would cease, right we are renting here temporarily on a Blvd. where we are thumped day and night and some of them are the worse of the worse! We are going to use this opportune trial to gain momentum and take time to educate our state officials and law enforcement about how terribly serious an issue this is and what needs to be done to combat it, let's do the same all over the country, soon we hope to have a web page with a plethora of information of what it's like to be a victim and the measures being taken to combat the Heavy Bass scourge and how existing "noise" laws don't impact the them and "vibration" must be taken into serious consideration, it's not enough to change the wording, the penalties and punishments need to fit the crime and the crime needs to be categorized as "assault", not some inane noise" violation, please help us disseminate this information and make a serious impact as soon as its available. Case in point we just got thumped as I write this, luckily they drove by fast, Thumping=Speeding not a good combination. Evil Prevails Where Good Men, and Woman Do Nothing
Let us regain our peace and quiet and sanity!