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Sun Jun 17, 2012 4:29 am
I couldn't find any other posts addressing fireworks expressly, but I am dreading the fourth of July on account of the noise around here. They already started last night. Last year on the fourth, the fireworks were the worst they'd ever been. There is a park near here that has a fireworks display, and at the same time people in my neighborhood were setting off fireworks of their own. I got dressed, got in my car and left with fireworks going off all around me. When I tried coming back at midnight, they were still going off here so I left again. I had to work the next day and it was hard finding a quiet place in town. I had to just sit in my car for hours.

I've always hated fireworks. As a kid, my parents would take us to see fireworks displays. It was one of most stressful experiences for me; I would sit scrunched up with my hands over my ears. I was so relieved when I was old enough to choose for myself not to go to a fireworks display. A couple of years some friends had a peaceful get-together on the fourth. That was in Ohio. Now I live in Indiana and I don't know if the laws are different, or if they changed. The first fourth of July I was here, my neighbors set off fireworks in the back, directing them toward the buildings. I heard them hitting the windows and roof most of the night.

Not only can I not stand the sound of fireworks, I have neurological problems from a spinal condition so that loud, sudden noises cause my body to jerk. It's excruciating. But, most people seem to like fireworks and some are very hostile when anyone mentions outlawing them (other than at public displays). I've thought about staying at a hotel on the fourth this year, but I really can't afford it because I'm unemployed and have other (including medical) expenses. Plus, there are people in my neighborhood who set off fireworks for several nights around the fourth. Does anyone else think it unfair that EVERYONE has to endure fireworks to accommodate the people who claim it as their right?
Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:39 am
You're not alone, for many people the Fourth of July is an unwelcome holiday because of the fireworks. I think there is also an added stigma that people who do not like fireworks are either unpatriotic or a wet blanket. I wonder if there are places where there are no fireworks (other than say, Canada and other countries where the Fourth is not celebrated).

Incidentally, on the issue of the civil liberties, blowing off fireworks is not covered by the Bill of Rights or the Constitution. New York City (and other major cities) prohibits the use of fireworks, for reasons of public safety. I remember when I was a kid growing up in NYC in the seventies and eighties, the fireworks would go off weeks before the holiday and on the Fourth, it sounded like there was a war going on.

I am less tolerant of neighbors with fireworks but I do like fireworks shows. I have to admit I did enjoy blowing off fireworks when I was a kid, but even then I did not care for the deafening noise. One time, a firecracker blew off in my hand and to this day I consider myself lucky that I was not injured. The newscasts on the Fourth were always full of stories of unlucky children in the emergency room at local hospitals who lost fingers or worse from fireworks accidents.
Sat Jun 14, 2014 10:06 pm
Well, digitaldanny, it's that time of year again. And, yes, the fireworks/firecrackers have started already this year and I'm still living in the same place. I know people who say it is quiet in their neighborhood on July 4th. They live in nicer neighborhoods while I live in subsidized housing. Fireworks and firecrackers must be very cheap because people around here literally stockpile them. I've seen neighbors haul out boxes full of them. I would hear a lone firecracker occasionally in May and then someone started setting them off for an hour or so every night this week. So, the commotion will build up through the 4th, when the noise will be horrendous, and then it will gradually dwindle over the next month.

Even if fireworks, including firecrackers, were to be outlawed here, I doubt that the laws would be enforced. While I respect the police, I know they won't enforce any laws they're not willing to abide by themselves. One year, I called police because people in the neighborhood were setting off firecrackers in the direction of a playground where children were playing. I told the officer I was concerned because I knew a man who lost part of his arm as a boy when he picked up a firecracker that neighbors set off, landing on his family's property. The officer told me that it happened because the man's parents just didn't care. :o WHAT??? How were the man's parents to blame for their neighbors' negligence? IIRC, the man (a boy at the time), didn't even find the unexpended firecracker on his family's property (a farm) until the following day. To say that the man's parents didn't care is far from the truth and to hear that really stung. But, this illustrates how some people, including those entrusted to protect law-abiding citizens, will prevaricate and discredit and slander innocent people when looking out for their own personal interests.
Sun Jul 26, 2015 9:22 pm
I have enjoyed fireworks shows most of my life but I'm burnt out on it. Personal fireworks are prohibited where I live due to fire danger, but they have three days of evening fireworks displays all over the Lake. There are serious environmental concerned now however from the ash, debris, and tourist litter, but I don't think that will prevent any displays in the future. I often would watch them from a real distance and enjoyed the explosive sounds echoing through the mountains. BUT I enjoyed it for only 10 minutes a year as an experience and grew up wondering and thinking how the sound would drive all wildlife in the opposite direction during those 10 minutes. Displays now are up to 35-40 minutes as people and tourists bring more money to the shows. I find it somewhat ridiculous and overkill as to several people I know.

This year I really didn't want to participate now that I know more about the environmental concerns as well. There is nothing I can do though. If I don't go watch the show I can still hear it and feel like I am missing out, but if I go watch the show I am participating and fighting the crowds. I talked to someone in the same exact predicament this year. I thought about taking a short camping trip to a national park over the holiday, but like I thought, there is no escaping it because I followed the news on the park I was going to go and people were acting outrageous there as well.

It would be nice to bring awareness to the issue that not everyone wants to participate and designate quiet places in towns and communities that people can to go instead. At the same time I believe in democracy and even if we did lived in a true democracy I think the majority would rule in favor of fireworks.

I look forward to future responses by people who have ideas for the creation of designated quiet places either temporarily or permanently. Maybe finding funding to really soundproof your town library and have it open late during the 4th?

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