Fri Sep 25, 2015 12:26 am
Dear Sir,

Noise pollution is one of the most pressing issues facing today’s urban population. With the increase in population, traffic, and the advent of boom cars, the sound level of everyday life is on the rise and, along with it, the associated elevation of stress levels, noise-induced hearing loss, and negative repercussions for cardiac wellness.

We would like to introduce the Hornet Advanced Noise Control System to you, a recently developed technology designed to significantly reduce metropolitan noise pollution.

The Hornet system will detect, localize, and identify the sources of environmental noise such as car horns, boom cars (loud bass music), engine braking, and vehicles with less-than-legal mufflers, and will enable local officials to enforce noise control regulations. The Hornet system is also capable of detecting gunfire to empower enforcement personnel with the potential for quicker response times.

I am attaching additional information about the Hornet system for your consideration and review. The attached was developed and recently presented to the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and is being evaluated for a demonstration project set for a strategic location.

I would like to meet with local personnel to introduce the Hornet system, discuss your noise control needs, and determine how Hornet can be integrated in your system to improve the quality of life and assist your enforcement officials.

You can reach me at your convenience by email or phone 1 (706) 231-3647. Thank you for your consideration.


Robert H. Vatcher

CEO Hornet Industries
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Hornet- Advanced Noise Control System