Another Night in Hell

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Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:42 pm
It used be somewhat of a sporadic thing. Some individual with whatever mental problem going by at 3am waking me (and obviously most of the neighborhood). As long as it happens once in a blue moon, it's annoying but nothing "to lose sleep over".

That has changed, it has become the rule, not the exception. I actually remember, a few mornings ago, thinking - wow: A quiet night, slept right through, feeling great. I'd say, this is happening no more than 1, maybe 2 nights per week.

This night, I woke up from a Harley, around 3am. I am myself a many-year motorcycle rider, including racetrack experience, I know what I hear and can judge the difference between types of bikes/engines/size, modifications and most importantly "style". Somebody cruising by on constant throttle or somebody deliberately increasing noise by "blipping" the throttle again and again. A stock muffler (which is what I have on my sport bikes) or an aftermarket (illegal) noise amplifier.

After being woken by a particular obnoxious example, I could not go back to sleep because of hearing screeching tires and engine noises from various distances. Some acceleration noises (increasing in frequency/rpm, shifting etc.) and some steady ("donuts"). This continued for about an hour or so.
I finally got back to sleep after about 2 hours, waking up again at 8am by a phone call from my dad. I felt like sh*t. Sort of like seriously hung over, without actually being hung over from alcohol, mind you.

After some breakfast, I took the bike to run an errand and to my surprise found brand new "donut" tire marks in numerous spots, intersections, mall parking lot, middle of city streets (residential and industrial). Now, on this peaceful Sunday morning, I realized it must have been quite a night. Seriously, I was not out to look for this, but there are new "donuts" all over the place.

What does this mean? Here's what I think.

There are reasons, valid ones and "paranoic" ones why people feel disenfranchised with other parts of society. Since they feel powerless against those whatever reasons, they are looking for a valve to let out their anger, blow off steam. Apparently for some, noise is that valve. Basically pay-back for whatever "society" does to them. Many of those reasons are probably valid, or at least I would actually agree. I am myself not at all into rules, laws, big governmental regulations and enjoy my freedom daily. However, I am very aware of other people's right to freedom and a peaceful life and would definitely not try to ruin that.

Coming back to their noise - valve. Noise during the day is annoying and distracting, but at night it turns into sleep deprivation and that is considered a torture technique. I consider it terrorism. And I think we (that is the "quiet" 99.x%) should start treating it as such. If I were asked to name terrorists, I would not point to some ISIS people, as outside of the media I know nothing of them. But "our" bikers in question are constantly terrorizing me, so they are very real. Judging from their attitude/outfit and forums they are fully aware of what they are doing. Here in Hayward, California we apparently have a motorcycle club that calls itself "Most Hated". I have seen several specimen with the their "leathers" proudly displaying the symbol and not a single one of them had a quiet or non-Harley/cruiser type bike. So, as far as I am concerned, they picked the name well and correctly.

There is vehicle code for federal USA, California and the city of Hayward which basically agree on the same: Factory noise emission verified by sticker, decibel numbers, explicit day/night noise limits and even wording pointing out the importance of sleep for living beings. Those idiots' bikes are OBVIOUSLY orders of magnitude louder than the prescribed decibel numbers, OBVIOUSLY modified, the owners know it and proudly exclaim it on every chance they get (don't make the mistake of asking any one of them about their bikes, you won't hear the end of it) - and support it by what they call "style" (blipping throttle, as much full acceleration as possible between lights etc.). Therefore I don't understand the argument by city/state "officials" and the police that it is "hard to enforce", very subjective (what ???) and therefore it's getting worse and worse. Unenforced laws and rules are useless at best, actually harmful as they "punish" the honest.
Because those idiots are too chicken to brake laws that they can easily be ticketed for - and cities and population apparently put up with this.

I don't easily hate, but here is my distinctly hateful message:
You are un-free cowards, instead of taking on the fight against whatever bothers you, you wimp out in that respect and suck it up. Then you hide behind your (seriously stupid) apparel and use over-prized, under-engineered relicts of not even a glorious past which you modify to be even worse than from the factory (which has gone through several bankruptcies already, I hope next time it just stays bankrupt) to terrorize people who most likely have nothing to do with your original problem.

That's the opposite of "land of the free, home of the brave" - which you are so avidly hoping to represent. No, cowards, you are not! You are slaves to a really simplistic, dumb, obvious and blunt plot of marketing by a company without actual engineering, peer pressure by other morons like yourself and a couple of others who hop on the bandwagon to sell you more expensive stuff and tattoo images of your stupidity into your usually fat and untrained bodies. You are not good motorcycle riders, many of you can barely hang on. I can judge that, been to the racetrack, can see how people ride. Your bikes are not fast, they are not cool. Just loud. Blipping the throttle you will not hear on racetracks as it's not fast, it's insecure at best, unless of course it is meant to just produce extra noise. You are not so much "individuals" as you are trying to be: You all look the same: Fat, ugly, sparse but long, grey hair (or none at all) and massive tattoos with the same stupid motorcycles. I fail to see the individualism in that, just a faceless group of losers.

Being a peaceful person, that's about as hateful and personally attacking message as I am capable of. But I will say that I will take on the fight with you, I will start making your lives miserable as much as I legally can. And I really don't think you should be using an American flag in any of your insignia. I know "Easy Rider" too and you are not representing that spirit which is a spirit of true freedom coming from love, tolerance, "live and let live" and getting along - not from terror and intimidation which you are trying to represent.

I will no longer make room for you the few times I do drive a car (for non-motorcyclists: Cars are referred to as "cages" and drivers as "cagers", many motorcyclists look down on "cagers" as being notoriously bad drivers who cause accidents. According to my own experience and statistics, most motorcycle accidents are their own fault and don't even involve other vehicles. Preventing accidents caused by bad drivers is cited as a reason to have "loud pipes" by many of those idiots but it has clearly been shown that it's an absolutely ridiculous argument) and you want to "split lanes" (for non-Californians: Splitting lanes means riding the bike between the left and second to left lane, is legal in California and made possible by generally very tolerant and attentive drivers).
Hearing your idiots' "roar" from behind, I will in the future -of course if safely possible- close the gap to the other lane and not let you through. Normal people on normal bikes (like myself I might add) of course I will gladly make room for as always. I invite others to follow that practice. Splitting lanes is legally "accepted" in California, but it's not mandatory to make room and it's not a right that bikes have, it's just "tolerated".

My tolerance for you idiots has been used up. I run an engineering company and look forward to the day one of you should apply for a job. Unfortunately that satisfaction is unlikely - as obviously you neither have the brains nor the education to even consider applying, but hey - one can dream, right?

Everything I said is of course not limited to "Harley Davidson" - they are just the more obvious bunch, the same is true for idiots in cars and trucks which think their personality is best expressed by noise in order to give them "authority" because in their lives they are mostly pathetic losers.

Noise and donuts are for losers, guys! It's easy and there is no competition. If you think you are so manly, go to the racetrack and get your useless asses handed on a silver platter by a 16 year old on a (quiet) 250, who will go circles around you. But no, you can't do that because you are fat, dumb cowards incapable of doing anything outside of consumption and ruining the environment and other people's lives.

I myself will move away from Hayward, California to a nicer place and will not care any longer about a city spiraling into its dystopian future. Have at it - ruin your city, ruin your own lives, but not mine any longer!
Mon Jul 20, 2015 4:47 am
You are not alone. I know exactly how you feel. I was up till 3 am 2 nights in a row because of selfish assholes who party outside their house all night, and Im still groggy, tired, and cant sleep nearly 24 hours later becuase of how much they screwed me up. Our society is full of scumbags. I want to invite you to join our NOISE FREE AMERICA forum. It is similar to this one, but with a lot more activiy, and definitely a lot more valuable information from others in your same situation. There is one member there in particular who's name is Rickey. He will be able to give you very good advice. He even made a special facebook page called "loud motorcycles suck". You need to be sharing this with people like him. Nobody is at this forum except for me.
Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:36 pm
Tue Jul 21, 2015 3:18 pm
I like the Noise Free America website, but I don't like Yahoo groups. I am paying Yahoo quite a lot of money because we have all of our web hosting, email and so done by them and that's good. However, joining Yahoo groups I don't like as it subjects me to advertisement which is the same as noise. Unwanted stuff involuntarily pushed on you trying to grab your attention.

To be perfectly honest, I know this sounds harsh, but I am in the process of giving up on this country. It's not so much about noise alone, noise is just one implementation of a recurring scheme. Democracy has fallen victim to a few very rich people running big corporations. Society has degraded people from human beings to just one number: Net worth - and that's simply literally your "worth". Nothing else matters. The people who are not millionaires or billionaires have only two reasons to live: To either live the dream of some day becoming millionaire/billionaire (and doing whatever possible to achieve that, including illegal or unethical deeds) or to admit defeat, at least to themselves. Admitting defeat, they basically have nothing left to lose and many turn into the obnoxious thugs whose goal in life now is to display as much disdain to "society" as they can. Since their life is ruined, they get satisfaction out of ruining other people's lives. I think this is the result of several generations of winner-take-all mindset, whether you're a musician, into sports or Google - not being first means to lose. Being first in SOMETHING, no matter how obnoxious (even if it's just the loudest car in your street) is better than being second in something meaningful. We've been brainwashed that it's all about competition. Nobody cares about good. Nobody cares even about better, only one thing is desirable: Best.

To me, that's a mental disease, nothing else. It's insanity, yes, sorry, but the entire society is insane. Brainwashed into flogging into the malls day-in, day-out, from the work-commute traffic-jam into the mall-traffic-jam on weekends, running after worthless stuff, using the artificial thing called "money" which they get handed for slaving away for some boss in a big company to buy stuff they don't need but are being made believe by a marketing/advertisement frenzy that it will fix their lives. Like lobotomized lemmings.
Every so often, they realize that they have lost all personality. They are mall rats. Vermin with two purposes: Slaves at work and slaves for consumption, to keep the system going. When they realize this, they turn to the only thing they know: Consume more, buy something which -according to marketing- gives them a personality: Make some noise, "be heard" - show your distinct personality. No people, that's not even YOUR personality. Your shit is Harley's personality, somebody else's "pipes", some other person's music on a system you purchased. You yourself would neither be capable of making that music yourself, design/construct any of those machines, nothing. What a sad state of affairs. I am out of here, sorry.
Thu Jul 23, 2015 3:47 am
Its funny you bring that up about Yahoo. I actually put off joining that forum for a long time for the same reason. I didnt want to have to join Yahoo and give them my phone number. Finally, after finally accepting the fact that this Noise off forum sucks, I caved in and joined it as an alternative. I was actually surprised at how good it is, though. Every day there are several postings. The people are educated and give real solutions. THe postings all appear in your e-mail box so you dont have to actually ever log into Yahoo to use it. And also, I never recieved any spam (that I know of) because of it.
AS for the problems of this country and teh mental disease, you couldnt have said it any better. I agree with you 1000% This is what I have been saying at these forums all along.
I belive that what you wrote is all true and again I want to let you know that youre not alone. There is still a minority of us who have our brains turned on and have some morale.
At the end of your paragraph, you said you are out of here. I dont know if you meant you are quitting this forum or leaving the country.

By the way, Rickey re-posted what you had typed in his "loud motorcycles suck" facebook page.
Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:34 pm
Thinking about leaving the country. I came in 1997 after I had been here as an exchange student before. I always liked California, it has beautiful scenery, weather and opportunities for a great life - both professionally as well as for leisure. Paradise in a way.
It could still be like that if it weren't for a more and more twisted society which is all about greed. A few super-greedy and lucky ones grab as much as they can and the less successful ones turn to tattoo and noise to show how "independent" they are and how their lack of success doesn't affect them. While each of them ruining life for the vast majority of the normal people who just don't seem to have the balls to eventually get up and put a (peaceful) end to that nonsense.
Tue Jul 28, 2015 7:07 pm
I couldn't find Rickey's re-post. On Noise free America?
Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:44 pm
Found, thanks!
Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:09 pm
ludovico wrote:
I felt like sh*t. Sort of like seriously hung over, without actually being hung over from alcohol, mind you.

That is me at the moment with only 4 hours of sleep.

I agree with everything you said. My dad was actually on the discovery channel for the history of the chopper. I know the bike world well enough.

You are not the only "foreigner" that I have seen come to this country and go home hating it. This is an unforgiving country.

I go back and forth between being proud to live here and hating it. I certainly enjoy the freedom here, but I hate how people abuse it and as you pointed out the horrific corporate greed and capitalist system.

Reading your post puts me on the pessimistic outlook of humanity which is getting harder and harder to overcome.
Wed Jul 29, 2015 4:58 am
I wouldn't leave hating the country at all. I would go hating only a very few people. I know it's a minority, and not a poor one, rather a very dumb one. I wouldn't even call them selfish or anything like that - just incredibly dumb. Why somebody takes pleasure from making practically everybody around hate them is beyond me to understand, but they must realize that that hate is shared by so many that at some point it will badly backfire on them.
And I would leave feeling sorry for a majority of the people, while I have to fault them somewhat for letting it happen while they'd easily have the power to do something about it.

I would have already left, but I am currently in the process of applying for US citizenship - as strange as that sounds in the given situation. But it's precisely because I in fact DO like the country and most of the people. The freedom -by the way- is a myth, hugely overrated and not even in any way more/better than in any other place I have been in. The only reason it might feel like that is because of exactly the abuse - wasting resources, wasting the environment, littering, dumping, polluting - and for the most part getting away with it due to lack of enforcement. Lack of enforcement, however, in my book doesn't qualify for "freedom" - it's not really free. It just means potentially not getting caught and producing exactly the scenario in which everybody tries to grab what they can as long as they can - and hold society liable for any mishaps. Freedom means that you can trust your brethren to honor your person and space and the way to achieve that is to honor theirs. Ideally without a lot of laws and enforcement. The current situation is the opposite. There are already a lot of laws in place, many of them way over board but they are not enforced. What that causes is a run away effect. Due to lack of enforcement, people start ignoring laws. Others see that and copy it because they (rightfully) figure why should they obey if others don't. Then to counteract that, more tight, strict, crazy laws are created. In some instances, then, enforcement also goes overboard creating a negative sentiment against law enforcement - while most people (99% to be exact) should actually be all happy about enforcement. Some of those new rules and enforcements, then, are actually obnoxious and I really see why people wouldn't want to follow them. Now, with people in the habit of ignoring/disobeying laws and rules, a dam is busted and people start to ignore even common-sense, ethical and other un-written, human, social rules or etiquette. Then more and more people join the non-obeye club and you get the current situation where it is cool to be a "menace".

I am applying for dual citizenship because I have lived here for about 20 years now and feel responsibility. I personally could simply leave and forget about all this but I want to help. I feel like I can make a difference but I can do that best from the inside. An "outsider" will just be viewed as throwing dirt from the outside, a safe position. I want to be able to show that I am here voluntarily, I have skin in the game and am right in the middle of it. A soldier in the ditch rather than a general sitting in a dry, comfortable place, or worse, an adversary.

The US (still) plays a very influential role in the world, while it is no doubt fading do to various fuckups in the recent decade or so. Therefore, this is still the place to make a difference, to try to influence society back to a more "live and let live" scenario - which, after all, is actually the idea of the constitution. Which is so often cited for all the wrong reasons (usually to defend some atrocious abuse of "freedom").

It really always boils down to about 1% of psychopaths (or actually even less probably) in society and how the 99% percent deal with them. In school it was called bullying. We just have to stop them from letting them bully us, that's all.

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