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Fri Apr 03, 2015 2:36 am
We have a new problem to deal with now. Its THE HUM. To learn about the hum and what it is, go to It is the best website on the subject. Despite the fact that rednecks annoy me on Friday and Staurday nights and weekday mornings with all their loud pickups, overall its usually pretty quiet out here at my house which is in the middle of nowhere. Especially at night. I have always been amazed at how peacful and quiet it is here at night. Its the advantage to living way way out in the middle of nowhere. I used to be able to sleep with my window open and late at night and I would hear the beautiful noise of deer stepping through the woods out back.
This is no longer the case. Now, since late March 2015, I have been hearing THE HUM. The damn globalists have ruined my new home. The globalists are the #1 problem in this world. Now I have to run my dehimidifier and loud fan to try to mask the noise or I get absolutely no sleep. The worst part of all is most people have shit for ears and dont even know what Im talking about. I drove for hours to hear where it was coming from. It comes from the sky, not someplace nearby.
Sat Apr 04, 2015 1:16 pm
Sorry, but this is not some worldwide conspiracy to drive you crazy. You have Tinnitus with Hyperacusis. Which means you hear a near constant buzz or hum and you have a reduced tolerance to loud noises. ... ptoms.aspx
Sun Apr 05, 2015 12:12 am
Noo I dont. I have excellent hearing adn ther is nothing wrong with me. The problem started on the 26th of March. It was perfectly quiet here before that.
Sun Apr 05, 2015 1:43 am
You can have Tinnitus and still have 100% hearing. Trust me, I know. You think having a hum all of the time is irritating, try having Tinnitus that sounds like church bells in the distance 24 hours a day. I have had that for about 6 years now. And my hearing is above average for my age according to my audiologist.
Mon May 18, 2015 4:08 am
What you are referring to is an "ear ringing" situation. If I slap the side of my head at my ear I can hear it to. This ear ringing has absolutely nothing to do with what Im talking about. You are confusing the two because you cannot hear the hum. Most people cant. The hum is a very low, low deep bass, nothing like a church bell
Mon May 18, 2015 4:11 am
This is sunday late night, Monday the 18th. The hum is extremely bad tonight. Its been pretty quiet for the last few weeks except for the night of mother's day. But tonight gets the cake. Here it is after midnight and I cant even sleep its so bad
Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:21 pm
What do you mean by "Globalists" and how are they connected to "the hum"? Why are they the worst problem in the world?

I have very good hearing (tested when fitting custom in-ear monitors by a hearing-aid specialist), especially no signs of high frequency drop off typical for aging. I have always paid attention to my ears and especially avoided loud scenarios - despite the fact that I play some music, drums and bass actually :-)

I am definitely very sensitive, I'll admit probably overly so, especially in hearing but also in smelling and visually. I hear "the hum" but never thought much of it - took it for granted basically. My explanation for the hum is the sum of all noises - but from a distance. I own a farm (unfortunately I have been unable to spend a lot of time there due to work requirements) which is about 40 miles away from a major industrial area, and a few miles from freeways and 3 minor cities/villages. My assumption is that the atmosphere, surface, trees and so on absorb and filter different frequencies, but in general more high frequencies than low frequencies. Hence my assumption that if you have a relatively quiet place which has somewhat constant noise sources, likely in multiple directions but in some distance, the hum is what remains after the higher frequencies have been absorbed. Since our hearing is most sensitive in the frequency range typically used to communicate (a few hundred to a few thousand hertz), the hum is not normally easily perceivable in the presence of those more audible frequencies.

I can image that especially freeways in the distance cause this type of noise as cars/trucks are no longer individually perceivable, yet generate a lot of low-frequency noise. That sums from multiple distances/directions to what we perceive "the hum".
Well, just my theory. I am an electrical engineer, thus by no means an expert in sound but familiar with the basic science.

An example of how this "summing" can work to surprising results is the "sonic boom" in which noise from an airplane flying at supersonic speed arrives at our location simultaneously from a whole range of the aircraft's trajectory - summing into a single bang instead of a more constant sound. I imagine the hum to be sort of the opposite of that.

It would be interesting to find out what changed for you on March 26 as you said, when suddenly the hum started. Did a new road open up? A power plant or a factory?

Another source of hum, a really obvious one, is of course electrical power installations - power lines, transformers and so on. They generate 50Hz/60Hz disturbance which could be lowered by sympathetic resonances to those lower frequencies perceived.
Finally, electric trains, typically operate on lower frequency AC, examples are 25Hz or 16Hz. That's already too low for most people to hear, but could very well be source for humming.

Hydroelectric power plants and wind mills are definitely a noise source and could produce this kind of an effect, as well. Especially wind mills as there are typically a lot of them which are therefore obviously at various different distances and angles - summing up their noise could cause "the hum".

Any of those sources could trigger some sympathetic resonance for example in house - drywalls, roof etc. which most likely have a very low own-frequency.
Has there been some installation/repair to your house?
Wed Jul 15, 2015 5:04 am
Check out "Schumann Resonance". It is an electromagnetic effect, therefore not normally directly "audible", but who knows, since our brains of course work electromagnetically, maybe there are people with a sense for it, maybe you are one of them. There are stations which record the Schumann Resonance digitally, all you need to do is take a recording and play it back through a stereo system which is capable of extremely low bass reproduction. Maybe you can ask somebody with a boom car? Just kidding. Seriously though - if you can listen to it and there is a resemblance, maybe you can go to such a station and have them play it live (should be easily possible). Then you could check if what your hearing actually correlates with that and therefore determine if that could be the cause of it. Good headphones should be able to reproduce very low bass as well. It's a little under 8Hz though, so it's really, really low...
Mon Jul 20, 2015 4:27 am
Ill research this thing a little. Thanks. And by the way, to learn about the globalists, just listen to Alex Jones. He talks about them all the time. You can hear him speak on the subject right on Youtube. The globalists are also knows as the shadow government.

As to your first response, I once thought as you do. I thought that the hum was a combination of all the noise pollution from a distance as well. And I still do believe thats true to an extent. You are right on. However, I also think thats only part of it. There is something more to this. I drove way out into the middle of Dixie County Florida one night. I dont even live there, but thats how far I drove. I was up to like 4 in the morning trying to find where this hum was coming from. Look at Google maps at Dixie County Florida. There is nothing there. I still heard the same hum loud and clear when there wasnt a mouse on the roads. It was then that I concluded that this hum is some sort of weaponry coming from the sky. And I still belive that it has something to do with the Navy and their sonic noise which kills the whales. Noise travels through everything, and it can easily come from the sea as well. Thats my theory, here from Florida where Im suurrounded by water.
Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:25 pm
On the globalists: I had not heard that term before but had arrived at a similar "theory" myself. I was hoping it was personal paranoia and I am just insane but smart enough for nobody else to notice it. So, I thought, I could simply live my life in peaceful insanity. Sounds like I am not alone though. Thanks for mentioning, I have found the information.

On the other hand, check this out:

NSA, as you guys are reading this, and of course, YOU know who I am in real life and I don't intend to hide it from you. Yes, that's my opinion and I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I do believe in freedom on one hand side, and of course the responsibilities that freedom necessarily comes with (basically the same freedom that everybody else should also have, no matter under which circumstances they have been born in). As a representative of a democratically elected body, our government(s), you, the NSA has been granted special powers according to the "social contract" which I adhere to under the hope that that contract is still in place and you, as an organization as a whole, adhere to it as well. In case there are powers/interests/movements which are trying to use You, the NSA and similar organizations, for their interests and sideline the social contract as a result, which is according to what I am reading is what "the globalists" intentions are, I urge you to resist that. The obvious consequence of letting that happen would be a dystopian future depicted in so many science fiction stories and movies. Depending on how a resulting power struggle would end, it would be Hobbe's "war of everybody against everybody" or an absolute dictatorship along the lines of "1984" (or Huxley's alternate version) - neither of which would be a desirable world to live in.

I do not share the point of view that global warming (or the other frame "climate change") have been artificially invented as an outside enemy in order to control us. I think that that is real and we should look at it the other way around. That is real and exists, and it has been caused by Humankind's blindness to slow, global processes, focus on own affairs and personal greed.
The main thing we need is to bolster education - actual, real, free thinking is important and needs to replace a tendency for "training for jobs", training to be "useful" member of society and training to follow rules. Rules are important, but they need to come from within us, they need to be rules everybody understands and WANTS to be in place, essentially an implementation of Kant's categorical imperative. In that case the noise problem would simply go away, which is what started this thread.

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