Presentation on Wind Turbines

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Sun Aug 03, 2014 6:53 pm
Dr. Arline L. Bronzaft, an environmental psychologist and researcher on noise, explains the health impacts on wind turbines. Many residents are speaking out on the problem.
Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:42 am
As someone passionate about both noise pollution and alternative energy I have a few things to point out about this video.

For one, she talks too much. It's hard not to get bored.
She does that trick where she talks about a lot of related but unrelated things trying to give herself an authority on the matter. I find me wanting to listen to her less than more since she doesn't talk strictly about wind turbines.

I keep hearing that more research is needed. I agree. I agree there should be more research on a lot of things.

She talks about a small part of the population being affected. That's how impact statements are decisions are made. If try to do something that isn't going to have any risk at all, you drive costs to infinite and you can't do anything in life. There is always a cut-off on where to draw the line... when it comes to the triple bottom line.

I'm not saying there isn't a noise issue with turbines. There probably is if enough people are complaining about it and I haven't seen the data. The problem is though, we need wind power. If I had to decide between radioactive atoms in my environment, or mercury in my fish and some noisy wind turbines. I choose the turbines.

I also think it's stupid to argue over this issue when we should instead be seeking to fix it. I'm sure we could figure how how to reduce the noise of wind turbines. Need to do more computer work to figure out the materials and resonance. Build smaller turbines. I personally think solar is the way to go. Solar cuts out all energy middlemen. All other forms of energy on Earth (maybe other than geothermal) is a byproduct of solar energy. Of course gravity causing the reactions in the sun might be even before solar... lol

I also love the look of windmills. Far better than smog. There has to be a way to fix the noise issue but would you rather live next to a noisy wind turbine, or next to a mountain top coal strip mine where you are at high risk of cancer? How about live and work on an oil rig and next to an oil refinery? To single out the noise from wind turbines alone is unfair. People are just so used to not seeing the cost of our energy because it come from a distance from Earth shattering methods.
Wed Jul 29, 2015 5:05 am
My farm has windmills all around it. Very, very large ones. They never bothered me the least bit. You can only hear them when you listen very carefully or if something is broken. I was actually happy to live in an area that produces more energy than it needed from wind, solar and bio-gas (by products of food production). I'll take those over idiots with artificially loud vehicles any day.
Wed Jul 29, 2015 5:24 am
Yeah I don't get what the thing is with wind turbines. All the hubub about it must be a certain kind of turbine in some specific area. The thing about bird killings is way overblown too I think. It certainly had some problems at the beginning but I think they have improved it and figured out ways to reduce kills and noise. I love driving through California seeing wind turbines. I want to install one on my property someday. I read some research papers where they put 3D GPS collars on California condors and determined that condors flew low enough for turbines to be in their air space so they weren't able to pass a project in one location or something. Maybe good, I don't know. It's sad that wind has so much going against it and yet we are burning some of the dirties fossil fuels we can find.

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