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Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:36 am
Is this a good idea?

Although we are up against powerful, demonic forces, including the ACLU, bass thugs, corrupt government people, etc. I still want to try to see if I can make a difference. Let me know if you think this is a good idea:

1. make a reservation at a library or hotel to rent a conference room

2. start a group and give it a name, such as “Floridians against Noise pollution”

3. create fliers advertising the meeting to be held at the reserved room

4. go out and leaflet hundreds of cars in town. The leaflet would state that we are organizing and would like people who are affected by noise pollution to come out to the event where we plan to take action as a body of citizens

5. the people who hate noise show up at the event

6. at the event, we plan to have protests outside the sheriffs office and the county commissioner, etc.

7. is any bass zombies show up at the meeting have them trespassed off the property by cops. This is a support group, not a debate!

8. get members to recruit new members via flyers. (not via the internet. For some reason, people who use the internet are all pro – noisers)

9. have protests, grow in numbers,

10. lobby to create bills protecting citizens from the demonic bass zombies

11. Perhaps the organization would start to grow with new chapters. (just like "March against Monsanto" did)

Do you think this is a good idea or am I wasting my time, because nobody else seems to give rats azz about this
Fri May 30, 2014 6:18 am
OK, its been over a month now and still no replies. Obviously my idea is not going to work, because the noise makers are MOTIVATED when it comes to their noise making, but you anti-noise people are APATHETIC. Forget it, IM MOVING.
Sun Jun 08, 2014 10:17 pm
Right On BZH I get you! We lived in FL. or as we refer Flori DUH, too long and suffered for nearly a decade! Up and Down the state, we couldn't get rid of them, they are everywhere, who could blame Michael Dunn, I might have done the same thing, given the circumstances! They are zombies they are in a trance and they are putting us all at great risk! Ok enough ranting, we can start by petitioning the White House, to limit the amount of S.P.L. that can be installed, to insure public safety and domestic tranquility, it's the most reasonable request we can make without being slammed by the car audio tech lobbyists, so please everyone sign this petition! We need 150 sigs for it to be seen on White House Petitions and 100k by July 4th, We the people can do it! I for one as many parents are fed up with my son being waken in the middle of the night by ground pounding earthquakes on wheels and robbed of his naps not to mention my whole family deprived of sleep and tranquility, these violent zombies need to be stopped! They are a threat to our whole way of life!, they are living at the expense of the rest of us dying by "a thousand cuts" as one victim put it. Local officials are at a total loss on how to solve the problem we need nationwide intervention, you can quote me on that. The zombies have indicted themselves and you can see some examples on from the myriad of tube videos they post of themselves breaking the laws. I was listening to Coast To Coast am about a different evil Chemtrails and it was suggested to flood your local media with letter, emails etc. so that might be another way to go? I'm at my wits end having been a victim now going 10+ years and moved 3 states now! Here In OR, it's no better than in Duh, god awful! The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum and must be stopped! I agree we need to come together but not just in FL. we need round table, towhnouse meeting online, we need to show force, you can't make this a statewide issue anymore look what happened with the demonic ACLU and the stupid lawyer that sued the state, there is no way around it, states and municipalities are suffering relentlessly with no relief in site, we need to make this a federal issue and we need to do in now before the Sound Pressure Levels and zombies intensify!
Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:01 pm
The problem is that everyone under 35 thinks its perfectly normal like nature, and everyone over 35 cant hear it. (yes, Im exaggerating, but there is some truth to this statement)
Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:33 am
Sounds good to me. I too live in FloriDUH and in Gainesville, they actually had an ordinance against the booming bass. But someone fought it and the state declared it unconstitutional or something. All I know is that from what I was told by a coworker, it is no longer a ticket offense to have loud booming bass. Problem with subwoofers and that deep bass is that it does not have to be very loud at all to carry for a mile and penetrate into your house. My coworker loves sub woofers and such while I hate them. I am a service technician on high end audio and I will not work on ANY car audio or any car or home subwoofer. They can fire me. I don't care. I refuse to make that stuff work again. My own personal way of just saying no to loud bass. I'm the same way when I am driving and have to deal with the 'loud pipes save lives' jerks on motorcycles. I will purposely NOT let them in or give them a break if they have loud pipes on their motorcycles. Nothing dangerous, just no respect and no breaks. If they try to pass and get in front of me, I crowd them out. I have a neighbor who has a son who likes to boom in his car every now and then. He is a late sleeper which is really fun. So I get up a 5:00 am and decide to mow my lawn. By 6:00 am it's leaf blower time.. Then by 8:00 am, time to practice with my model 29 .44 magnum revolver! Believe me, he does not get to sleep in if he does that booming thing in the evening. He is getting the message... You can not be nice or reason with these people. You have to be brutal and mean. That's all inconsiderate people understand. Because they are basically morons, bullies and mean spirited people who only care about them selves and no one else. Their motto is generally "if it feels good do it and to hell with everyone else." People like that deserve absolutely no respect at all. Police, government and such will not help you. They either don't care or don't have the man power to take care of this situation. This is one area where we need to take the law into our own hands. Things like throwing rocks at the cars discretely or how about nail strips on the road. Stuff that won't really hurt the driver, but which will make his drive a little bit more of a nightmare. It takes planning but you have to remember that these boom car people are sub human in their thinking.. Sometimes you have to dummy it down to their level to combat them. Big thing is to not do anything that could actually hurt the person.. just something to get the message across loud and clear that they are not welcome in the neighborhood and that it is not totally safe for them to drive in the neighborhood with that booming music.
Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:32 pm
noisewise wrote:
...I was listening to Coast To Coast am about a different evil Chemtrails and it was suggested to flood your local media with letter, emails etc. so that might be another way to go?...

You lost me a bit there. Chemtrails remain in the unproven conspiracy theory category. But "bass-trails" are very real and easy to document. They leave a trail of irritation and rage.
Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:50 pm
The problem is that everyone under 35 thinks its perfectly normal like nature, and everyone over 35 cant hear it. (yes, Im exaggerating, but there is some truth to this statement)

Can you expand on that "35" comment? The highest frequency hearing (e.g. beyond 18 kHz) is the first to be lost, as soon as one reaches their 20s in most cases. A gadget called The Mosquito was invented to deter teen loitering with high-pitched tones, leaving most older folk unaffected.

Bass should bother people of all ages with a sense of common decency. Even if someone has major hearing loss in their 70s, 80s or 90s, they can still feel non-directional bass in their gut. Ironically, many of today's boom freaks will be among that crowd before they hit 50 or even 40. Too bad that brand of revenge takes decades.
Mon Jan 05, 2015 1:02 pm
The vibration is INTENSE if done correctly, but goal is to have it subtle and more than one strategically placed within the home to balance out IN home and cancel out FROM neighboring homes.

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