Sat May 20, 2017 2:27 am
These motorcycles are awful. And its not just the chopper / Harley kind either. The jap / Kawasaki kind is just as annoying. my neighbor has one and it apparently has no muffler. I live on a large property and I can still hear it inside my house! Today he started the dang thing at 5:23 in the morning and had that thing idling for 7 minutes before taking off with it, where it can be heard for a couple of miles away! The idling is strange too. The idle pitch goes up and down and is super annoying. Too bad we don't have a government that wants to protect people from this kind of crap. Instead they protect the criminals! Im SICK OF IT!!!!!

I know what you're saying... I'm new here, but I completely agree with you.

I started a thread on my neighbors Prius.... goes to show, it doesn't matter what you're driving/riding, it can be as annoying as hell.

My hearing is a bit above board though... I can hear my bosses teeth chirp.
Drives me crazy!