The devil in my neighborhood last weekend

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Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:21 am
Last weekend, I was disturbed to find a demonic spirit in my neighborhood. The next day I wrote my account of what happened. Here it is now for you to read. Its really not very interesting, but I want to document it anyway:

Subject: last night - tormented by the devil
Two to three miles from my house is a parking area for a forested
reservation. There is nothing between my house and this parking area
but the forest of the reservation and a few houses. Last night at
midnight I was disturbed by the sound of ultra bass coming from the
woods. There is no way for anyone to get a vehicle in the woods
because it is fenced off. I got on my bike to investigate where it was
coming from. I didnt know the boom car would be as far as the parking
area. About 3/4 of the way ther the acoustic weaponry was turned off.
When I was 99% there I noticed that the area was lit up a little,
which is strange because there are no lights back there and the place
is supposed to be off limits at night. All of the sudden this super -
loud infrasonic bass starts blasting out of there at such a volume Im
sure it was distrubing all of the animals for miles. I felt of
presence of pure demonic evil. I got scared and quickly turned around
to call the police. I biked home as fast as I could, heart pounding. I
knew it was a local drug person who has the loudest boom car around.
He must have "the jackhammer" weapon system in his sonic assault
vehicle. I had previously reported him in an annonymous letter to the
city police. This zombie has strange behavior. He dissapears for a
couple weeks, and then he re-appears and when he does its all over
town for a couple days, up and down all the roads. I suspect he is a
major drug dealer. I also saw another vehicle leave the area. I
suspect this was a buyer.
I rode all the way home and called 911. I told the police that
there are very bad people who are probably connected with drugs at the
closed parking area blating ultra loud music. I said I wanted these
people arrested. (I know its not music, its noise pollution, but this
what ourt stupid pulbic calls it). The police lady was more interested
in my information than going after the criminals. She told me that If
I want to file an annonymous complaint that the police cant do
anything because there is no victim. This is pure BS because all of
the people and animals within a 5 mile radius of that sonic assault
vehicle are tormented by it every time he uses it. I find it hard to
believe that the police (who are in videos all over youtube battering
and killing people with no phone call at all) have no power unless
some dude gives his name and becomes a reported victim. This is the
same BS the code enforcement pulled on me when I wanted to report a neighbor.
These people want an excuse to do nothing.
I told her that there is a sign at the entrance of the park reading
that it is closed at dark. "Are you saying there are no laws being
broken?" I asked. Here I am having to debate the lady more than she is
intersted in actually catching the person. She said she would send an
officer out to ask him to leave. I went outside. No officer went by.
Nobody was around at all. I did hear the loud truck as it was leaving
as I was coming out of the house though.
My point is, the police are completely useless. We need to educate the
children. We need to find a way to reach kids with noise pollution
education. Dont bother with these corrupt police. Ill never call them
again. This is not the first time theyve blown me off. Theyve not
showed up in the past when I called on my annoying neighbors too. I
need to find a place to live that has people who dont tolerate this
kind of wicked behavior. phone calls should have been coming in from
every house in that neighborhood. Instead it was only me because the
degenerate, apathetic, lazy American public has fully accepted this
kind of behaior and given it their Ok. I really thought moving out
here in the middle of the woods would be the quiet life. For the most part
it is, but not on weeekend nights.The devil is in these boom car thugs.
Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:48 am
When you talk to the police, you have to use specific wording to get anything done.
Perhaps it might have been better to not even mention the music, and only mention that they were tresspassing and dealing drugs. If you are going to remain anonymous you may as well makeup some stuff too.

That's why the police want your name, because they don't want to deal with false calls. If someone gives their name, they are more likely to treat it as something real with credibility. I am told, but I don't believe it, that when I give my name, I can still request to be anonymous and they will not tell who called. They are not supposed to, but it all depends on the police officer that responds and how he handles the situation. For the most part I agree with you, they are worthless to call in most instances.

My neighbor is a menace to society. For the last two months solid, every single day she goes to work she leaves her house at the time she is supposed to be at work and screams out of the driveway speeding where children are playing and breaks 3 traffic laws all at once (not stopping when pulling out into traffic, speeding, and cutting in front of vehicles, and sometimes driving in the middle of the road over the double yellow). I called the police to request they come out at exactly the time she does it every night and they told me they couldn't take a call in advance, I would have to call when it was happening. I have been video taping it and will try bringing it up to show them eventually.
Mon Aug 31, 2015 6:53 pm
Throughout American history, new small town have been created. It would be good if we could start our own new town in the middle of nowhere. We would have extremely strict noise laws
Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:17 pm
You have to look at calling the police realistically. Their are not a unlimited number of policemen on call 24 hours a day to respond to every small disturbance. A guy playing a car stereo loud in a remote location is not going to be high on the list when you have a city with crimes being committed every minute of every day. This is even more true when you are the only person to complain and you refused to give your name.
As far as making things up to get the cops to come, like the other poster suggested. That is a extremely bad idea.
Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:57 pm
Ufopilot wrote:
...not a unlimited number of policemen on call 24 hours a day to respond to every small disturbance.

Unless you live where I do and they are so bored that they will give all sorts of insanely ridiculous tickets and they stalk you as part of their training.
It also depends on your perspective. Everyone's problems are serious! (not small) It's in the eye of the beholder on who thinks what is important.

Ufopilot wrote:
As far as making things up to get the cops to come, like the other poster suggested. That is a extremely bad idea.

Not such a bad idea. You have to play the game. In the real world, everyone lies to try to get their way despite what your parents taught you when you were little. You just don't want it to turn into the story of the boy that cried wolf. You just have to be intelligent about it, which most people are not.
Wed Sep 02, 2015 6:59 pm
So you think that someone making noise in a empty parking lot outside of town is as important as stopping a rape or murder? Or saving someone from being beaten? Get real.
Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:18 pm
yes! It's all relative.
Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:15 pm
Ok, so you have just lost all credibility.
Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:19 pm
To you maybe, but that's because you think the world is perfect and are not yet aware that the world isn't perfect and there is a lot more to it than you realize. That isn't meant to be an insult. I too was not aware of things until I was.
Fri Sep 11, 2015 2:15 pm
Sometimes in Florida, cops will take the time to set up a sting operation where they have a female cop who pretends to be a prostitute. Then they arrest all the guys who come to the hotel. All this takes time. Here they are, arresting people who are minding their own business not hurting anyone, but they dont have time? I dont think so. This "time BS" is just an excuse they use. I dont even get stopped by cops much compared to some. But here is a list of just the times Ive been ticketed by cops:

* doing 60 on a 4 lane road in the middle of nowhere

* parking in the wrong spot at a fast food resturant on private property

* roller stopping at a stop sign in the middle of a field when I could easily see nobody was a round (except for a cop who was sitting there in the dark WAITING for someone to do this)

* pulling onto the highway on the on - ramp infront of a cop. He had no reaason to ticket me. I took him to court and he told the judge I was off roading and pulled onto the road with grass shooting out of behind my wheels. I drive a FRONT WHEEL DRIVE PASSENGER CAR, not a mustang! He had time to go to court and LIE!

This is just the stuff that happened to me, a careful driver. Im sure others could give even better stories. The point is, the cops have time to enforce laws. They sit there just looking for stuff to BS about and lie about in boredom. And even if they were busy, then that just means its time to hire more cops. Problem solved. Cops are allowing this noise problem because they choose to. I think it may be a conspiracy or something.

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