Rude hornlock neighbor

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Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:46 pm
Ok, I am awake at nearly 5am for the who knows how manyth time. My next door neighbor got off later than usual tonght. Usually it's around 10 minute of 3am she does it every night.
So I guess I will just sit here and write my story for anyone who cares.

I live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. (yeah so I doubt anyone will feel sorry for me after saying that)
In fact it's so nice here that people on the forbes riches people in the world live within a couple blocks from me.
Of course I am from a poor family so I live in the poorest part of town and if you every pay attention to communities, the poorest areas of town are usually right next to the most wealthy. That's another topic for why that is, but it's the way things are. Usually the poor work to cater to the rich. Like they do landscaping and construction installing heated towel bars and all that crap.

So anyway. I live in an association where there are 6 duplexes 12 units. Across the street is apartments with a parking lot. It can get quite noisy because I also am a minority living around a culture of people that are noisy anyway. I have lived here about 10 years. My mom and I own the place. We lost our house to the bank many years ago and this is the only way we could afford to live here after renting many years. Basically the rich discovered this place in my lifetime and drove up the prices forcing all my friends and most locals out.

I can talk to all of my neighbors in here except 2 people (one being the daughter of a neighbor across from me, and the other being my next door neighbors). I am a friendly considerate person and well liked. So my next door neighbors are the unfriendly kind of people that never talk to you or ignore you. They have lived there 3 years. Ever since we had the last people evicted for breaking their lease having too many people living next door and making unnecessary amounts of noise running around the house all day and night going in and out of the door slamming it playing stereos. Ok another thing you need to know. The places i live in were built in (I could look it up for the exact year but around the early 60s) They were built without much thought in the design. The floor joice instead of running front to back under just our unit, they run side to side across both units so noise travels easy. There are other bad design flaws that make for it to be noisier than it should. It's not really a problem if you have good people living next door but unfortunately the owner of next door is a slum lord that lives 4 hours away and only ever shows her fact once every 10 years.

So, of course the people next to me are breaking their lease to because they now have 7 people living there in a 2 bedroom place. I have gotten mad at them a couple times for noise over the years. They would idle their car out front for up to an hour with the bass system blasting while they got ready for work. Eventually they stopped doing that. They will pull right up to the stairs of the front door over the parking lot lines so you have to walk around and climb over their cars to get to you front door. Eventually they got the hint when we started putting out construction cones all the time.

They started off with 2 parents and 1 child living there. (the last time we talked to the landlord, she got pissed because she thought we were singling her out from some complaint about trash on her front deck, we were not the ones to complain, some other neighbor and my mom just so happens to be the association president and has to file the complaints). but last time we talked to the landlord she was under the impression it was an adult child with 2 parents living there. Well our neighbor just had a baby, and soon after that her nephew moved in, and her parents. all 7 of them have been living there about a year now. Soon as her parents moved in and the new baby came, they became very quiet. Obviously not wanting to wake the baby and respecting her dad who my mom has known for years working around and seems like a nice guy.

How could that nice guy have such a piece of shite daughter is beyond me. So they have 4 vehicles now. One belongs to the grandparents, and 3 the daughter and boyfriend who I guess finally decided to get married after having the baby but still not married. I used to hear them fight, and she is abusive. I almost called the cops one time because I thought she was beating him. He is about as bright as a lightbulb so she probably has good reasons to fight with him, but she is abusive. Oh, they also don't speak English. Only she speaks English and the grandparents kinda speak English. You really have to understand that normally in the past we would friendly approach people when we had problems and communicate with people in a really good manner, but these people are like those people you just can't talk to. Those rare times when you just can't get along with someone or know how to even approach them. In the past I would knock on the door for example and they would just never answer and ignore me. One time I even knocked on the door because they left their car lights on. I was just going to let them know so the battery wouldn't go dead on their old car. Being a nice person I didn't want to just open their car without their permission and turn the lights off. They used to leave their old car UNLOCKED.

So everything was nice and quiet for a while. But then she got a new car. A 2001 Jeep. It has the loudest kind of honk locking mechanism out of any car. Until that car arrived I was able to tolerate all the noise around here from other people. I totally understand that people make noise and where I live. We have to live our lives, and even if that includes playing your stereo loud for a few minutes a day, or having a party every once in a while, though it's polite to warn neighbors ahead of time and/or invite them. Now it feels like this year, everyone upgraded their car and half of them do the lock honking @#$%. I noticed it in the past but now I really notice it! She wakes me up every night with it.

So here is how it went down. She got the car and started honking it all the time. I gave her a chance to figure it out because when you get a new car it takes a whle to adjust to it. Then she would give her car keys to her new born who would play with the keys honking the horn constantly sometimes for up to 15 minutes outside my windows. Like wholly ^&*(! really? You can't hear the car horn honking outside your house after you give your kid the keys to play with? Eventually I got the spare car key to my moms car in my room, and every time she honked the car I would hit the lock button repeated times to honk my moms car. My mom's car doesn't do the honk lock thing unless you hit the button repeated times.

Obviously she didn't get it. So she kept doing it late at night. The walls where I live are paper thin, so we started making loud comments about the honk and I mean she would have to be deaf not to hear us say something like "Oh she is home again, I heard the honk". Ok so that didn't work.
One night she came home and honked her horn 3 times, soon as she went inside I was awake so I would get up slam my foot the the floor and go to the bathroom. The next night she did it, I had my window open because it was a heat wave. I said (not yelled) out the window. "you know, that wakes me up every single night".
she just went inside without saying a word. So the next night she did it 5 times. That was it. I couldn't take this shit anymore. I went outside. Laid on the horn to my mom's car (which is louder than my truck) and yelled to the neighborhood. I guess ____ is home everyone. then slammed my front door.
She came outside pretending to be oblivious saying yelling what is your problem. SHe screamed at me saying I was the only one that the horn bothers. I said well maybe i am the only one willing to speak up. She said I woke her 9 year old up. I asked her if it ok to wake me up ever night, but not ok to wake up her family. she seemed to indicate that it was perfectly ok to wake me up. she screamed at me that she has to lock her car (even though they didn't lock their old car). I said well you don't have to do it 5 times. she went silent and tried to play dumb like she wasn't doing it 5 times. telling me she didn't. I wanted the entire neighborhood to know how I felt because I just can't take it anymore. I tried to say. "we can fix this, I want to work with you to a solution" she kept screaming at me. I calmly said "we can fix this, the feature can be turned off or you can use the button on your car door" she kept screaming at me that she will not fix it, especially now. I said "wow, what a lovely neibor you are, you don't care about anyone but yourself" she wouldn't talk to me so I went inside and closed the door on her. She wanted to just yell at me being abusive like she treats her boyfriend.

So, I felt bad for lashing out like I did, but for crying out loud, this is completely ridiculous. Even though it's noisy here, and a lot of people honk their car horns, none of htem do it this late at night. At 3am no cars even drive up and down the street. The fire station down the street never runs the siren this late. It's so quiet you will hear a bicycle all the way down the street ride down the street and pass by. Then she comes home. "HONK HONK" right outside my window.
So I went back to silent mode. I am extremely quiet and no matter how noisy the people next door are, I find it difficult to be noisy in my daily life. I love playing my stereo but I don't while living here because I know the bass travels very easy. The other thing I hate about the neighbors we get. They hide indoors and you can't ever tell if they are home or not. It would be nice to live next to normal people that you can tell when they are gone and then I can play my stereo knowing I won't bother them. Have neighbors you can talk to and look out for one another. but nooooooo.

So after that night she only honked her car horn ONCE when locking it. Then started parking it down the street and using her other car for 2 days. But I doubt the reason was the horn, they just switch up cars and only have 2 spaces so have to park the others in the street. I was thinking maybe things are going to be ok. But nope, she is back to her old routine. and I really think she does it out of spite now. You might think i'm crazy, but this woman is no idiot, she knows what she is doing, and she does it in a way that she knows is annoying. She will lock her car honk, then go inside, and do it one more time. She also seems to do it just at random times while inside. I might just be going crazy now because this is driving me nuts.

I've been working hard to write a letter to everyone around here so that I am not just singling her out. I don't want to single her out, it's obviously a national wide problem, but she is my neighbor, and you would think neighbors want to at least be decent to one another. (I must be not living in reality). I thought that maybe if I went totally quiet after that confrontation while she still made noise, she might calm down after a while and figure it out, but obviously not.

I don't even want to worry about not singling her out and trying to write a nice note for everyone now. I just hate this person next door. I guess she want to be this way and me to take action to get her evicted, and go to war. During our confrontation she seemed to say that noise doesn't bother her, and so I guess I can start playing some loud bass to wake up her entire family every time she wakes me up. She is retarded to take it to this level. It's just a freaking horn she can press a button on her door at 3am when coming home from work and solve everything. I am not one to be messed with and have been researching this noise pollution problem in great detail now. Thinking of starting a nonprofit about it (I am a "older" student in school). I am trying to find out and talk at the next town meeting about noise pollution. All because of one freaking rude honking person in the middle of the night.

Ok I'm exhausted, I hope I can sleep now at almost 6am. Oh never mind, I just remember I had to make a phone call at 6:30 so I may as well stay up now.
There is much more to this story that I haven't written about. Like the fact this woman just trained for a new job at one place of business only to go work for another and is now banned at the place she trained. She now works where I worked for eight years and am friends with a lot of the people there. Totally unethical and because of that, people at her job (where I used to work) think poorly of her.
Why do people have to be so horrible in the world??? One freaking horn locker has ruined my summer. I used to tolerate this stuff mostly. You have no idea. I'm not a whining person out to control everyone and take away our freedoms. I just can't believe how people abuse our freedoms needing laws. I grew up here before people really moved in developing it. We used to be able to get away with anything and it was really free, but as stupid people moved in doing stupid things, laws had to be created and ruin it for everyone. I have countless examples of this. I also come from a family of bikers, and most of you complain about the noise they put out. Noise is a problem only if you are inconsiderate. I just want to cry with how inconsiderate people are in the world because I have other things to do in life than to battle people over ridiculous things waking me up at 3am.
Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:18 pm
Yep, all it takes is a couple rude people abusing their freedom to honk that makes us have to resort to making more laws and regulations. I'd rather live in a free world with considerate people, wouldn't you?
Tue Jul 28, 2015 2:20 pm
I can no longer edit my messages so I will keep posting.

More details on "coming from a family of bikers". I am not one, but my dad was. I was around it a lot growing up and saw how rude people can be with them. working on them in garages at all hours of the night coming and going. My dad was not like that at our house though. I would agree that noise from bikes is mostly rude. It's just those rude people that ruin it for everyone else. Don't stereotype everyone.

Also. Another thing about my neighbors. I can only assume the boyfriend is a thief. here is my evidence.

One night I was sitting at my house and someone banged on my door. I answered it and it was this guy accusing me of stealing his cellphone. He said he traced the GPS to my house. I said I didn't take his phone, there are like 1000 people that live on this block, I would suggest looking around some more but I didn't steal it. He demanded that it was me and his gps was accurate. I said sorry, it's not me, try going across the street to the apartments.

Not wanting my next door neighbors to think I was a thief I knocked on their door (you can also hear everything clearly through the wall around the front doors of these places). They actually answered the door this time! Probably because they were ease dropping as I heard them inside when I was talking to the guy. I told them that I wanted to warn them that someone was coming around accusing people of stealing phones and I didn't steal it but it could be anyone in the area. That may have been a bad idea because I didn't really think that she would think I was accusing her of stealing it. She just said ok and she didn't steal it and that was it. Not 1 minute later, her and her boyfriend got into a screaming match (in a language not English so I don't know what was said). I later found out that the place he accused me of stealing his phone is where her boyfriend was probably working at the time.
Tue Jul 28, 2015 2:43 pm
I know it was a bad idea to knock on their door, but at the time I wasn't thinking and i didn't want my neighbors thinking I was a thief!
She also was very short and rude with me when I was trying to politely warn them about this guy that came to my door. I had good intentions even though it was a bad idea. But finding out later that it was them that stole it most likely, look at the situation they put me in. Other neighbors would overhear it thinking I was a thief.
Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:42 pm
I agree with you on the ridiculous horn-lock thing. Another instance of noise for so-called safety but any reasonable person will immediately understand how useless that is. A car alarm going off on an attempted theft is one thing - but a loud honk to advertise the fact that a car has been locked? Advertise that to who? The owner? For the owner a blink of the signals (finally they could get put to use as a majority of people don't use them in traffic any more...) would suffice for that. To all the potential thieves lingering around? Are they keeping track? Damn, that Jeep honked, keep my fingers off, also that Camaro there, but what about that Honda - I should try that one. Give me a break.
I sat at a sidewalk cafe the other day (rare in this area anyways) and cars park right there - their bumper practically touching the chair. Then the owner gets out and guess what? Straight into our ears, friends.
Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:47 pm
Yes, after this problem started with my neighbor and I became extremely sensitive to the noise, I went to eat at a Chipotle (and I rarely eat out these days). We chose to sit out side and it was a nightmare. During our meal there must have been 10 people who pulled up and honked their car to lock it (several of them were there just for pickup). I couldn't handle it, I started giving them dirty looks and making comments as they walked by. I don't want to become this kind of person... arg!

It's like they want to be seen so I would stare them down. Or they want to be seen so I would make a comment. "hey someone is here in a silver car, look at them!"
Tue Jul 28, 2015 6:53 pm
I actually directly addresses a guy in a Ford. I asked him to park somewhere else next time as his useless honk blew right into my ears. He apologized, but I don't know if it makes any difference with him.
Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:34 pm
I am not defending the neighbor. But, on some years of Jeep, the only way to arm the alarm system is to use the remote. And when you use the remote, the horn sounds. Their is no way to disable the horn chirp. I know this because I owned one.
Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:53 pm
I downloaded a copy of the manual for their exact model off of jeep's website using the vin number. It explains how to turn off the feature and how to also turn on the light flashing feature instead if desired.
It's in the overhead where the courtesy lights are. You just flip through the menu until it reads "sound horn on lock" options are on and off.

And why can't they use the door button?????? And why do they have to do it repeated times??????
And why can't they even show a HINT of caring? No excuse. None at all.

I'm also sorry but I don't believe you. There has to be a way to turn it off on all vehicles until you prove me otherwise. Please provide a copy to the manual. Thanks.
I have heard that on some models you have to have the dealership use their computer to turn it off, but it can be done.
Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:22 am
I may have just lost a friend over this issue now actually.
I was just talking to a friend who mentioned she got a new car and said it was a jeep. I asked her if it did that horn lock feature. She said yeah. I told her about my situation and she said she likes hers (though hers does the chirp I guess not the horn maybe). She basically laughed at me and made fun of me. I tried to express how serious of an issue this was for me but she didn't get it. I got so emotional I just told her that I couldn't be friends with her anymore until she takes me seriously and thinks about it and considers turning the feature off. I told her that it never bothered me until it woke me up at 3 am every night. She made fun of me and asked if I wanted to trade room mates with her. I told her that wasn't the point, why should we all piss each other off and not respect each others space.

So yeah, this car horn thing is making people take sides and causing major problems in society. I am trying to remain calm and talk to people about this but it's getting too hard because the more I think about it and look into it the more ridiculous it is and the less faith I have in humanity. It's like religion and politics. It breaks people apart and forms wars. Can't we just respect each other's believes and not push it on them. With noise pollution we don't have to force other people to listen to it just like we don't have to force our beliefs on other people. It's a little bit of a weird comparison but I think it fits!

I can be friends with someone who doesn't like the same kind of music I like, but they don't have to blast it in my ears. arg... :(

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