Tue Dec 06, 2016 1:04 am
I have lived in the same house in my neighborhood for 30 years. This spring the neighbor from hell rented one side of a 2 family across the street that has a garage. In the spring this guy fired up his Harley and across the street I nearly jumped out of my seat. With my house windows closed he wakes me up 7 or 8 times per night. He has his friends over there for parties and they take turns going around the block on each others bikes to the point we had the police come 3 times this summer. They have woke me from 11pm to 4am, 7 to 8 times each night they are out there riding. I've given the police videos of them coming and going 7 to 8 times in just one night complete with sound from a security camera on my house and yet all they will do is go over there, tell them to knock it off for the night, and then the next night they are over there again. I'm seriously thinking of hiring an attorney to sue the home owner who is not even around. I have a break for now since it's winter but I'm sure in the spring it will start up again. Other forum wise azzes have told me to move. I'm not going to move from a home I've been in for 30 years because of a rowdy renter across the street, and I do have a right to peace and quiet at a certain time of night. He can come and go all day if he wants I don't care, but after 10 or 11pm it not reasonable. This bike has straight pipes, not legal in my town yet all the police will do is go and tell him to knock it off for the night.